In our hostel there is a café which is open for visitors all year round, also in winter time.
In summer you can come straight from the beach to have some refreshing beverages or ice cream. We have variety of soft drinks, juices, doughnuts and ice creams. In winter you can enjoy our famous doughnuts and hot coffee or tea. Ski tracks go right by our café!

We offer catering for occasions that take place in Ukonlinna and for bigger groups there is also breakfast possibility for additional cost. You can choose from already existing options or you can have your own idea of what would you like to eat. Our staff will gladly help you with menu ideas. Here are some ideas from our existing menu (all menus can be modifyt to customers needs) :

  • Ham and potato cassarol with fresh salad and freshly baked bread with butter
  • Lasagne with salad and freshly baked bread with butter
  • Fresh and luhs salad of cusomers choice with freshly baked bread and butter

All allergys and food limitations must be informed when ordering or no later than one (1) week before reservation.